Our company has a professional production management system, strictly control the generation process, perfect after-sales service, strict business cooperation process, we look forward to cooperating with you.


Calls to negotiate

We have a professional sales team, customer management system perfect, and humanity of after sale service.


Samples of the product

If you are interested in our products, hope to further understand and try our products, we can provide samples and technical support.


Business affairs

When you to try our products are satisfied, we will arrange sales elite to further discuss cooperation details with you, promote the trade between us.


The signing of the contract

After you determine to buy our products, we will sign the formal business contract with you, make sure that you and our previous transactions do not appear any problems.


Nulla Iurus

Formal cooperation, if you have any problem on using the product, we will provide professional technical staff guidance, solve your problems.


Customer service support

We will regularly arrange technical staff to carry out technical cooperation after the visit, the regular use of sampling products, to prevent the possible problems in advance.

About Us

China first professional production of die-casting punch lubrication particles of the manufacturers, the main products are: punch lubrication particles, concrete release agent, die releasing agent, environmental protection type forging demoulding agent, forging demoulding agent, casting a special spray gun, anti sticking wax oil, graphite, punch oil, deslagging agent, cleaning agent, coating agent, metal cutting fluid, metal grinding fluid, grinding fluid, environmental protection type of wire cutting fluid, water-soluble cutting fluid, the water soluble grinding fluid, total synthesis of wire cutting fluid, aluminum alloy cutting fluid, aluminum alloy grinding liquid, water soluble wire cutting fluid. Liquid metal processing professional manufacturers, to build a line cutting fluid, grinding fluids, cutting fluids, release agent brand.


Company introduction

Our company is located in the famous pottery China, own a perfect production system, rich product variety, set up a high starting point, high standard, strict requirements of style, the "responsibility, integrity, innovation" the enterprise idea.


Production system

We have a professional production equipment, professional technical personnel, professional production process, liquid metal processing all our company produced are strictly in accordance with industry standards, to ensure the provision of high quality oil.


Our advantage

  • Professional technical force
  • The passion of the sales team
  • Rigorous business cooperation process
  • After sale service system perfect

Product information



Coating agent



Refining level of castor oil



Punch lubrication particles





Casting coating

Forging release agent

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